Data Extraction for Recalcitrant Data loggers

You do not have the necessary software to read or extract the data? You do not have the interface or cable that is needed?


2021 Prices - Extraction / Datalogger

40 Euros 

For multiple extractions :

Cost per Unit
1            40,00 €
2            38,00 €
3            36,00 €
4            34,00 €
5            32,00 €
Supp / UN            30,00 €

To send your Dataloggers:

171, Rue du Haut Planil
FR- 69440 Saint Laurent d'Agny

Transportation charge at our expense.

Return of the datalogger  : Fixed price 25€ (Return Pack 5 loggers) +5€ per additional Datalogger.

(France Only / International - Contact Us)


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Please Contact Us Before Sending the Data loggers!

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The handling and/or reprocessing of raw data coming directly or indirectly from recording devices which may or may not lead THERMOLABO to provide indications as to the acceptability or not of the products being monitored is not a pharmaceutical status and can not held THERMOLABO responsible for the decisions taken by the CUSTOMER and in particular those relating to the pharmaceutical release of the monitored products.

In any case, the interpretation of the raw data and the reprocessed information coming directly or indirectly from the recording devices is the responsibility of the CUSTOMER.